Outdoor Structure Contractors in Newcastle, WA

The bounds of your living space go well outside the walls. You’ve got an entire property—you might as well enjoy it! DR Construction welcomes outdoor living projects and loves to provide homeowners with the outdoor amenities they need to kick back, relax and enjoy life. From direct home additions to standalone structures, our abilities are at your disposal. We’re the outdoor structure contractors in Newcastle, Renton, Bellevue, Issaquah, and Sammamish, WA to call for all the projects below.

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Custom planter boxes

Planter boxes are a beautiful way to extend your garden and proliferate greenery on your property. We love planter box projects and take the time to craft something truly unique and beautiful for your home and garden.

Decks and patios

A deck should be the place you’re able to enjoy at all times, whether you’re sunbathing, grilling, entertaining or just relaxing. We build decks that are extremely beautiful and inclusive of your needs. Count on us to use the best materials and assemble your deck with pure craftsmanship in mind.

Detached garages

More than a place to park your car, a garage is your gateway to outdoor living. Whether you’re a lawn and garden expert, craftsman or weekend grill master, we’ll build you a garage that’s equipped to serve your needs.

Exterior painting

Curb appeal is important. It doesn’t matter if you’re selling your home or just want pride of ownership, a fresh coat of paint goes a long way. We can paint your home’s siding and trim with quality weather-resistant materials and precision that’ll leave it looking the very best it ever has!

Patio structures

What’s missing from your outdoor living area? A pergola or trellis? An awning or overhang? Whatever it is, we’ll build it for you. We’re an outdoor structure contractor in Newcastle, WA, able to incorporate new additions into your existing outdoor structures for a seamless tribute to comfortable, enjoyable outdoor living.

There’s a lot more space on your property left to enjoy

Let DR Construction help you create an outdoor living area where you love to spend time. Our craftsmanship blends the allure of the outdoors with the structure of your home, for a gateway to fresh air, sunshine and relaxation. Contact us today at (425) 444-8582 to discuss your outdoor project, wall removal, or addition today.