Tenant Improvements in Newcastle, WA

Having the right space is key for success. For any business signing a new lease on a new space, it’s important to identify any improvement demands you have for the space. DR Construction is among the most respected tenant improvement contractors in Newcastle, Renton, Bellevue, Issaquah, and Sammamish, WA, helping you build out the right space for success.


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Our scope of applications for tenant improvements is vast and we take pride in being able to work with clients from a broad range of industries. From office space to commercial square footage, let us help you customize your space around the needs of your business.

Space Configuration

One of the simplest requests we get for commercial tenant improvement in Newcastle, WA is space reconfiguration. You might have a great commercial space at an ideal location, with all the amenities you need to succeed. But, if the layout isn’t right, it can cause all sorts of problems.
We can take down or put up walls, relocate utilities, built in structural elements and more to ensure your space is properly configured to meet the needs of your unique business.

Lighting and Amenities

The simplest improvements can go a long way. Lighting and electrical, plumbing, HVAC are at the center of it all. We welcome improvements focused on these core elements and will make sure they’re completed safely and thoroughly. When we’re done, your commercial space will be entirely functional, meeting your everyday expectations for basic amenities.

General Improvements

Sometimes you’re dealing with a space that’s outdated or underdeveloped. In these situations, we’re often called in to modernize and complete a space. These general improvements are a boon to both business owners and the building owner. They’re value-additive to the property and ensure the occupant has the facilities and amenities to do business properly. Whether it’s material upgrades or extensive buildouts, we’re the team to call for general improvements.

Make Your Space Your own

Is your commercial space meeting the needs of your business? If not, it’s time to make some improvements. Contact DR Construction today at (425) 444-8582 to discuss the nature of your tenant improvements and other commercial remodeling projects. We’ll work with you to see that form and function come together in a space that’s just right for your business and its success.